ATP Tennis 2019 June 2 FRENCH OPEN Day 8

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It’s pretty obvious by this point I’m pretty fucking dumb at following my own advice. I podcasted and wrote extensively about how chalky the French Open is and I can’t string together a few bets that contain favorites. I backed Cuevas thinking, even if he lost he’d keep it close. And sure enough he won a set… then disappeared in the third set and didn’t cover. The third round turned out almost exactly how I laid it out, with 14 favorites winning and the two dogs who caused upsets doing so against favorites lined at less than -250. Can’t believe I didn’t just destroy that round.

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Zverev, KK and Nadal are through to Round Four. And you could make a case that Zverev and KK might not get any further.

Day Eight

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Fed 3-0/Nadal 3-0, -122
Stan ml, +110
Nishi =3.5, -110