ATP Tennis 2019 May 9

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Betting against Tiafoe (stupidly, again) and FAA’s inability to hold serve in the second set, like at all, cost me a big day. Lost Kohl when Tiafoe went on a four game run in the first set and then lost FAA by the hook. That one hurt.
Some nice live betting saved the day.

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Fed lives. I’ve been on a decent run the last ten days. With four days left till Rome, I’d like to win 6 more ”units” and get that red number closer to -$1,500 by Sunday. Here’s hoping.

Day four

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I do terribly with big spreads and I usually don’t even really handicap matches where the line is outside about -500. Here’s why this one is worth looking at. Djokovic is 12-0 against Chardy and has never dropped a set 28—0.

Djoker 2-0/Stan ml, +122
Cilic/Zverev ml, +133

Just no time to actually write them out tonight!

Good luck