Conference USA

This apparently is my league. I placed 27 CUSA bets in the past 10 weeks, nearly 10% of my bets! Granted, 19 of them were on FIU and Marshall, but still, even I was surprised by the volume I played here. (17-9-1 with another play teed up for tomorrow if you were wondering) Spoiler Alert for the bets section, I most certainly will be putting some small fliers on the Herd and Panthers, I can’t quit on them now.

Flashback: Small shout out to my guys down at Middle Tennessee State for my biggest ever ROI on a single ticket when they beat Michigan State as a 15 seed. We were betting using a fun system where we played all the low seeds moneylines and praying. It will probably remain my favorite March Madness memory for years to come.

When and Where: March 13th-16th in the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas.

CUSA Standings.JPG

Defending Champ: Marshall Thundering Herd

Who’s Good: Old Dominion

Who’s Sneaky: Honestly, like the next nine teams in the standings

Who Stinks Out Loud: UTEP, losers of 6 straight and not even invited to play in the post-season playoff

Coolest Team Nickname: North Texas Mean Green. Most likely derived from the color of the Jerseys, but there are rumors that the new nickname was based on star football player Mean Joe Greene.

Seeding and rules: Top 12 teams get in, bottom two get on with the spring semester. Top four seeds get a bye and the entire process is done on a neutral court.

Multi-Bid League: I’m running out of different ways to say no for these, but again, no.

CUSA Bracket.JPG

Breakdown: First off, apparently they play in a gym with a curtain used as a divider from another court where there is a game going on at the same time! I’m still not quite clear on how this goes down, but I think it might be the women’s tournament happening at the same time as well? This is like a hard flashback to high school Saturday tournies. Anyways, another goofy conference if you just take a look up and down the standings, with your #2 seed only three games better in conference play than the #12. Smack dab in the middle of it all, my Thundering Herd went on a bit of a heater to close out the season and try to defend their title. Shame they didn’t start a game or two earlier and get themselves a top four seed, but for the price I’m getting on them, I’ll take an extra game. Of the teams with a first round bye, my highest graded is Southern Miss, who also went on a bit of a late season tear, winning eight of their last ten.


My Pick(s): We’ve established that I like Marshall and FIU, I’ve been establishing that all year. Of the actual top teams, like I just said, the one my numbers like the most is Southern Miss, and It sucks bad that all three of these are on the same side of the bracket.

At the risk of this quickly turning into the Big South, I do have one play I feel I need to make in the top half. I don’t have them ahead of Southern Miss, or even Marshall for that matter, but UTSA ranks out so far ahead of Old Dominion, I feel I’d be doing a disservice by not taking them for a little bit.

This is maybe the best example of “you’d better shop around” I’ve found yet. The favorite, Southern Miss is +200 at one book, +375 at another and everywhere in between. It’s hard enough to try to squeeze out a little money doing this, it’s even harder when you get a bad number. I don’t love giving sports books free pub, but I do like to be transparent and will be listing which books I use for these bets so you can locate them more easily. Putting a smidgen more than a half unit in play here.

Southern Miss +375 (0.3x) Bovada

UTSA +600 (0.2x) Bovada

Marshall +1900 (0.1x) MyBookie

FIU +5500 (0.05x) 5Dimes