Injury Roundup July 31st


Would the Chargers be a better team if they just completely skipped training camp?  That's a pretty big reach and they'd probably all just get hurt in the preseason games instead, but still, they can't seem to go even a couple days without adding another name to the list of injured players.  After losing Jason Verrett the other day another CB injury would really sting.  Luckily, this is being described as a "mild ankle sprain" and unlike everything else that's happened to LA this summer, he won't miss the entire season.

Today was Jack Butt's first practice in pads since 2016.  Honestly, I had kind of forgotten about this guy.  Butt injured his knee in late 2016, slipped way down the draft board and hasn't played a snap yet.  Could be a good situation for Butt to finally contribute with a new QB in place and Bill Musgrave taking over as full time OC.

Just when I thought I couldn't be any more bearish on the Seahawks, last year's leading receiver will be sitting out multiple weeks with a sore knee.  Seattle lost Jimmy Graham to Green Bay and added a big question mark in Brandon Marshall, if Baldwin isn't 100%, it's going to be a long year for Russell Wilson behind that ragtag offensive line.  Baldwin had nearly 1000 yards last season and carries a perfect career passer rating of 158.3 into this season.