Evening Injury Update 8/6

Ziggy Ansah practiced for the first time all summer today.  Coming off knee surgery and playing under a franchise tag, he could be looking at getting seriously paid next year if he can continue to perform at a high level.  He led the team last year with 12 sacks in only 14 games last season

An already marginal offensive line took a big hit today with starting center AQ Shipley ripping his knee up.  Glass-boned Sam Bradford can't be excited about this news.  Projected to be at the bottom of the division already, the Cardinals are looking less and less likely to surprise anyone this season.

Another ACL tear?  That seems like a lot!  Turns out it's actually not. Not only are more ACLs blown out before the season actually starts, we still have a ways to go to get to last years level.  As shitty as this sounds, we can absolutely expect more guys laying on the ground clutching their knee this preseason.

Below are 2017's ACL tear numbers.  As shown above, 31 of the 51 occured before the season started.