Evening Injury Update

In the "Groundhog Day" edition: The Chargers have a preseason injury, Randall Cobb is hurt, and the Vikings and Panthers have beat up offensive linemen.  

It felt weird to not talk about a Chargers injury for a few days in a row.  Never fear! Joey Bosa brought the world back into balance by leaving practice early with a hurting foot.  Later updates made it sound like the injury was minor.  Bosa has 23 sacks in two seasons and is looking to tally another double digit sack season.

While it could be a nice way for the young receievers to get some reps, this is going to be a problem for Rodgers' (second) comeback if Cobb continues to be injured every year.  

Protecting their $85 million dollar investment might be getting tougher in Minnesota with the ramshackle line already starting to show cracks. Nick Easton had ankle surgery in the off-season after a fracture, and is now sitting out with back and neck problems.  

Rough day in Carolina, part II:  another lineman down with a knee injury.  After Daryl Williams' season ending MCL tear last week, the Panthers again lose a starting offensive lineman to a knee injury.  Amini Silatolu will have surgery and Cam Newton might not live to see December.