Life After the NFL

Just like that, it’s all over. No more NFL for six months. After last night’s barn-burner, we’re left in the cold, barren February landscape of mid-season NBA. As we game-planned content for the podcast for the next six months, I got to thinking of what we should all be doing with ourselves in the meantime.

I came up with a few ideas:

1.       Start digging into MLB regular season win totals.  While they may not be available at your book yet, they have indeed been released (AL / NL), so figure out where the last few free agents land, who caught the most undeserved luck last year and invest some money to (hopefully) give your NFL bankroll a little boost early in the season.

2.       Grab some NBA futures.  If you’re going to have to listen to all the soap opera drama that is #NBATwitter, you may as well get involved somehow.  Yes, I know the Dubs are gonna win it all but, there are still plenty of fun bets to be made on conference and divisional races (and you don’t have to win a future bet to make money from it).

3.       Read a God damn book.  Psychology, statistics, sports history, anything!  I don’t think you’re going to get dumber by picking up a book this off-season.  Maybe I’ll put together a list at some point, but one of my favorites that relates to sports betting is Joseph Buchdahl’s Squares and Sharps, Suckers and Sharks.


4.       Start betting on tennis.  It’s every damn day.  On any given week there are half a dozen tournaments being played around the world.  You can bet on tennis from sun up to sun down (and beyond) almost every day of the year. If you’re just an action-junkie, this is your heroin. There are plenty of good follows for tennis tips on Twitter, and a lot of them have their DMs open to help you get your feet under you if you’re new to it.

5.       Build a really shitty NHL model.  I included this because it’s probably going to be my next project.  It will most likely be embarrassing enough that I won’t share the results, but hockey seems to be a highly model-able sport with some predictive stats to be hunted down. I can’t name more than 5-10 players in the league, but that certainly doesn’t stop me from pulling some stats and screwing around with some alternate puck lines.

6.       Pick a Euro soccer league and get into it.  It’s over halfway through the season at this point, but there are a few good title races starting to heat up (looking at you England and Germany).  If you think there’s an overload of information for the NFL, you should see the amount of time you can spend reading up and studying these major European leagues.  I guess it’s pretty popular over there. If you’re big into the “First TD scorer” markets, you’re gonna love “FGS” and AGS” bets, trust me.

7.       Be the “reads too many NFL mock drafts” guy.  Don’t let others shame you about getting way too into the draft way too early, just maybe don’t talk about it all-day, every-day at work from now until April.  I’ve already seen multiple mock drafts in my Twitter feed, and you don’t want to be behind the curve come Rookie Combine time.

8.       Take a class to become better at something useful.  I’m dumb and have to do lots of things manually in Excel or on paper, so I’m slowly learning some Python in the hopes of automating some of the things I do handicapping-wise.  If you’re into that sorta thing, Udemy has a plethora of classes you can take for $15-20. If you don’t want to spend any money, you could also learn more about stats and probability FOR FREE at Khan Academy.  Even just diving into Pinnacle’s back catalog of articles is better than nothing.  If you aren’t moving forward, you’re falling behind.

giphy (1).gif

9.       Play some DFS golf.  Hell, play some DFS anything for that matter. I like to tool around with a few different sports but, I really do love putting in a few golf lineups and getting four days of entertainment out of it a few bucks at a time. Nothing better than getting a full lineup through the cut and putting some stress back into your Sundays.

10. Spend some quality time with your family! I’m kidding, NFL season is only 212 days away. You’ve got a ton of prep to do, and this is gonna be your year.

Bonus #11 is obviously making sure to listen to the Deep Dive Podcast with myself and the Whale every Tuesday and Thursday. Good luck with however you decide to spend NFL off-season, and feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you have anything that you think should have made my list.