AFC South

All throughout the preseason, I’ll be putting together some short complementary articles to go with our preview podcasts. I’ll grab the future odds at the time of publication and some of our main reasons to be be hopeful (and wary) of each team along with what we came to an agreement on in the podcast. It’ll be fun to dredge these up in about four months and laugh at the takes we had, but I’ll post them anyways. I know there will be better odds on some of these markets, and I always encourage everyone to line shop every time they place a wager, but for these I will just use the 5Dimes markets to compare against.

This will be the ultimate “Too Long/Didn’t Listen” companion article series. But just in case you still want to listen or re-listen:

Indianapolis Colts


What we like:

  • Andrew Luck coming into a season healthy behind a very solid offensive line,

  • Not having to dig out of a 1-5 hole this year could propel them to a top seed.

What we hate:

  • Indianapolis played a very easy schedule of opposing offenses in 2018, the defense may be exposed for what it is: a middle of the pack squad.

  • Pass Rush needs to improve, if Justin Houston should help, but it still may be a weak area.

Deep Dive Consensus:

The Colts are a dangerous team with an MVP candidate under center, and we’ll be looking to back them in the futures market if they experience any early season hiccups.

Houston Texans


What we like:

  • Watson, Hopkins, Watt, Clowney are All-Pro talents. If they stay healthy and productive, they can again put the team on their backs and carry them to a winning record.

What we hate:

  • Basically the rest of the roster. The O-line and pass coverage especially.

  • Not having a GM could get interesting as the Clowney situation becomes more drawn out.

  • Above all else, play-calling tendencies are very worrisome and will catch up to even a team with high end talent.

Deep Dive Consensus:

We will be looking for a strong regression as they will be playing a 1st place schedule without improving much in their areas of weakness. Alt unders on the regular season win totals will be tempting.

Tennessee Titans


What we like:

  • Added some pieces to the receiving corps in AJ Brown and Adam Humphries.

  • Delanie Walker back from injury.

What we hate:

  • Even with the improvements to the passing weapons, the quotes make it seem like they’ll try to be a running team again.

  • Similarly to Indy, they faced a very easy schedule of opposing offenses last year.

  • We have no idea what to expect from first time play caller Arthur Smith.

Deep Dive Consensus:

Enough talent and depth to be a middle of the pack team, not expecting a hard fall to the bottom of the league nor a return to the playoffs. This just feels like 2018, part 2.

Jacksonville Jaguars


What we like:

  • Very hopeful for success with the Foles/DeFilippo reunion.

  • The defense wasn’t that bad! Should see some positive regression and close to a return to 2017 numbers in sacks and turnovers.

What we hate:

  • A lack of talent in the receiving corp

  • Lack of depth behind Fournette, who is an injury risk

Deep Dive Consensus:

Andy is a bit higher on them than Whale and if he had to pick a worst to first team for 2019, this might be it. They added a nice rookie to an already dangerous defense and if the new QB/OC combo works out, they could get back into the playoff mix.

If you have any hot takes on the AFC South, or if we shit on your favorite team and you’re mad as hell let us hear about it. Leave a comment on here or on our Twitter feeds.