NFL Analytics Follows

We mentioned in our 100th Deep Dive that there is an abundance of great free NFL analytics info on twitter that has helped our handicapping process, so here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the more useful follows from the past year or so:

@friscojosh ‏ Defense doesn’t matter

@benbbaldwin ‏ Running backs don’t matter

@SharpFootball ‏ Coaching freaking matters

@evansilva ‏ DFS focused match-up king

@JuMosq ‏ Sharp analytics guy who can actually pick games

@FourVerts ‏ Strong player evaluations video highlights

@NextGenStats Outstanding animations

@bykevinclark ‏ Ringer Pod and strong long-form

All around solid NFL content that incorporates high level data/analytics:










I’m sure there are many I’ve missed but this is a great start to building a solid NFL timeline.