Beat Writer Round-Up August 6th

Daily round-up of NFL training camp news from the beat on August 6th. Crazy weekend for NFL news, let's dive in! ...

On a plane home to LA from Atlanta I got to watch 4 hrs of NFL Network Inside Training Camp live from the Broncos camp. The feelings surrounding this year's team were overwhelmingly positive with established vets like Von Miller and Emanuel Sanders all breathing a sigh of relief that the QB situation is no longer a question mark heading into the season (Sanders did slip up referring to Case as a "game manager" which was funny). Huge props to NFL network for some great coverage, learned something from the clip above about how Von approaches the pass rush (hint: anticipating the snap count is HUGE and offsides penalties probably don't outweigh the benefit of creating a game changing play). Still remains to be seen if the positive vibes are all smoke but Keenum has the weapons to succeed if they can protect him and the defense may have gotten the shot in the arm they needed with some of the young players from the 2018 draft. Overall the draft class in Denver has a ton of upside. 

Meanwhile, the vibes were not positive from Cowboys camp in Oxnard where it took a week of practice to see Dak throw his first TD of the preseason. Originally it seemed the WR/TE issues in Dallas may have been overblown, losing a washed up Dez and Witten could have been a blessing and Hurns/TWill/Beasley felt like an underrated unit... however, Hurns and TWill have both been disappointing due to injuries, Beasley looks a step slow and no one has emerged from the young TE group. Add to this the play-calling situation and coaching hot seat in DAL and you have a potential mess if the 'Boys get off to a slow start. 

The Dave Gettleman Era is off to a disastrous start. This guy has no idea how to construct a team to compete in the 2018 NFL landscape and alienating a generational player with lowball offers is cause for concern if you are a Giants fan.

Speaking of cause for concern, the world wonders when we will see the reigning NFL DPOY and so far, no good. If tomorrow comes and goes with no news then it's time to start planning for a Week 1 MNF tilt in Oakland with no Donald.

Only place to see AB this week is the cover of Madden. He's quietly missed several practices in a row and with a rest day and travel day coming up before their first preseason game it may be another week before AB is back on the field after being sidelined by a mysterious injury.