Beat Writer Round-Up August 9th

Daily round-up of NFL training camp news from the beat on August 9th... Preseason TNF Edition!

Browns gonna Brown. Doesn't look like CLE will have time to warm up before the game, may open up an angle on NYG 1H.

Preach! I'm also annoyed but regardless of who starts with all three QBs likely to be given an aggressive game plan I'd look for the Bills to cover the 3 tonight vs the Panthers backups.

Very interested in the Bengals and Bears tonight. Two teams that look primed to exceed expectations this season. Of note, it will be interesting to see if John Ross lives up to the early camp hype against a favorable match-up.

Eagles back on the field at the Linc to take on the Steelers in the Keystone State-off.  Atmosphere will probably be pretty hype for a preseason game with the whole city of Philly still celebrating the Super Bowl victory.

The heat could play a factor in Balto tonight with the Rams noting all week how hot it was on the East Coast. Might look for a 2H under or Ravens play if the Rams look gassed after a week of practice in these conditions.

On paper NO-JAX looks like a potential Super Bowl preview but in reality it's an easy skip. Surprising that WR Keelan Cole is getting the night off, Jags protecting what they expect to be a pretty important piece this year.

Dallas takes on the Niners in the Bay Area in a tale of two camps... nothing but positive news in SF while the Cowboys camp has been riddled with uncertainty and negativity so far. Let's see if that shows tonight with the attitudes of the two teams.