Football is back!


After months of talking basketball, soccer, golf, tennis and even hot-dog eating, we’re here. This is the whole reason the Deep Dive Podcast was started and we couldn’t be more excited to get back into it. As we started talking about all the ideas and info we needed to cover, some quick math revealed that we needed to start sooner rather than later. So, beginning tonight, we’re officially pivoting back to the NFL.

Here’s a quick run down of what to expect this July/August before we actually get into the season of handicapping games:

  • A quick catch-up podcast. While getting ready for NFL content, I found myself having way too many “I forgot they had signed/drafted/fired/traded that guy” moments. We’ll try to touch on the impact moves that have transpired this off season as they pertain to handicapping the NFL. New coaches, schemes and personnel very much matter in the grand scheme of things.

  • Regular Season Win Totals analysis with a special (European) guest. While the lines have been out for a bit, I think there’s still some meat on the bones to be picked at, and we’ll try to find some value picks on some teams we’re hot or cold on this upcoming season.

  • We’ll take a deep look at the analytics revolution that has been swirling through the NFL media and gambling community. We’ll make an attempt to sort through the noise and help you get to the bottom of what sort of content and information can actually be useful to your handicap this season.

  • We will be devoting an entire podcast to Power Numbers. Not only how to use them and make weekly adjustments to help you along your way, but we’ll also give you a nice starting point by showing you a baseline set derived right from the early numbers that the bookmaker provides.

  • The long-awaited Teaser Article! Teasers can be a big old money-suck if used like a fun prop, but as I’ve found out over the past couple of years, they can also be a +EV tool and a nice way to beat the market if done properly and at the right price.

  • Whale_Capper will put together his annual situational schedule graphics! (2018 NFC below for reference). We’ll of course do an accompanying podcast talking about what sort of things are already baked into the line and what sort of things can actually be used to try to find an edge. We’ll also explore teams that have rough patches and easy stretches in the schedule as it pertains to timing your in-season future bets.

  • Topping it all off, this season we will be doing eight individual divisional preview podcasts. Some of them got a little long last year and we didn’t give all the teams the time they deserved. Also, it’s a great way to share the podcast with someone who is maybe more interested in hearing more hot takes about the team they actively watch and root for without wading through as much. These will probably start a little closer to August.

As always, thank you so much to any and all listeners and readers. We appreciate any feedback or questions at any point in the season. Hopefully, we can cover a ton of ground this summer and we can all beat the world’s toughest betting market like a fucking drum.