Becoming a Capper...

Becoming a Capper in the Gambling Twitter Community

Guest post by @KalebGering24

So, the day is finally here. The day you’re done tailing other people’s plays and think you can do better. The day you want to start posting on Twitter to make a name for yourself and show everyone what you’ve got to offer. Well before that ship sails, here’s a look at what it takes to get there and some bumps you’ll have to encounter along the way. Keep in mind these are some things I’ve done and still do. These are just some tips I want to share to those of you who feel like giving it a shot along with some base fundamentals that are important. I am not in any way saying my methods are superior to anyone else’s, but if you follow them I assure you you’ll start your journey in the right direction.

 #1. Bankroll Management

            Bankroll Management is the foundation of any capper. We've all been there when we first start. You see a game you absolutely love. A game that in your mind is a no-brainer so you deposit as much as you can into your account and fire it all on that "lock." The game starts, your team gets out to a good start. You sit back, crack open a cold one and smile. You're a genius. How didn't anyone else see this coming? Then in that last inning, quarter, period, the team you're backing makes a horrendous mistake costing them the game. You go from genius to down big in a matter of what seems like seconds.   

            Again, don't feel bad. We've all made that mistake at least once and we've all bet on a game that should've won easily and, in the end, it turns to a heartbreaking loss. There's no way around it, but with good money management, it won't break your bankroll. Everyone is different when it comes to the amount they can afford to bet a game, but I recommend betting 1-2% per play depending on how confident you are on each play. It isn't flashy and you won't "get rich quick," but it's effective. You have to remember 1-2% doesn't seem like much but it adds up over a period of time. It's all about the long game so be patient.

#2. Volume

            Volume ties into bankroll management but it's also a little different. Volume simply refers to the number of plays you're betting. The 1-2% a play become useless if your volume is too high. I recommend 1-3 per day if you bet anything at all. A big mistake is betting way too much just because you need action or you're bored. Look through games you like or games you believe to have an edge on, research, minimize your card and go from there. Some days you're going to like a lot, some you're not going to like anything. Don't feel the need to have to play something every day just because others want you to post.  No plays are better than just putting money on something because you felt the need to have at least something to keep you and your followers entertained. On days when you like too much, break it down by times those games start. MLB for example. Let’s say there’s four games you like throughout the day. A couple start at noon, maybe one starts at six and the last one starts at around 9 being a West coast game. Play the first few at noon to see how it goes. If it goes well, move on to the later game. If it goes poorly, don't be afraid to move on to the next day. The worst feeling is putting all your bets in at once, sitting there at 0-3 or 0-4 with a couple games pending. Again, a mistake I'm sure most of us have made. At least with the before mentioned method you can control that situation a little better. Starting 0-2 and not feeling it's your day? Move on and avoid the possible bloodbath.

#3. Mentality

                        Here's the thing guys, your mental aspect is just as important and it's one that often gets overlooked. Don't be under confident, but don't get arrogant. There's a fine line and being too far on either side can get you in trouble. Understand that no matter what kind of week you're having it can shift just like that. Stay focused on your work and the rest will follow. There will be bad weeks, don't quit. There will be good weeks, don't get big headed. It happens to everyone. I don't care who you are. The quicker you understand it, the better off you'll be.

#4. Posting Plays and Results

            Once you start posting your plays and doing well you'll start gaining a following. It's important to remember no matter how your posted plays do, you need to recap them. Of course, recapping winners is more fun, but recapping loses is equally important. The rational part of your following should understand you aren't going to win every single play, but you should be held to the same standard as every other capper out there. You may not always be able to control if your plays win or lose, but you can control how transparent you are to the people who follow you and it will gain you a ton of respect from your peers whether you realize it or not.


            You're on a roll. You've been consistently winning, putting in the work and doing all the right things like posting loses and it's gained you some respect. The top guys are starting to take notice. Some start RTing your results and that decent following starts to become significant. Understand a couple things when this happens. 1. With more followers comes more trolls (which I'll get to next.) 2. Don't ever think just because you may have more of a following than someone else that it means you're better than them. I don't just mean from a capping standpoint either. I've seen people get talked down to just because of their follower count. Please don't be that guy.

#6. Trolls

            Time for another not so fun topic. Once you gain that significant following you deal with more and more trolls. A simple word but so many different possibilities at the same time. Whether it's a middle-aged man rage tweeting you from his computer or a bitter teen who didn't get hugged enough as a kid coming at you from his smart phone, trolls are part of the deal in this community once you start posting. When you lose that is. Be ready for it and don't let it get to you. I can't say you won't get baited into a couple heated back-and-forths, I still do sometimes. We're all human, it's going to happen. Just don't let trolls ruin your day or your experience. Simply block them and move forward.

#7. Interaction

            My final and favorite tip of them all is to interact with the community. Whether it's with your fellow cappers or others who follow your plays, get to know them over time. I've talked to a lot of great people over my time where if I hadn't said anything or if they hadn't said anything I never would've gotten the pleasure to talk to. If someone says "thank you" or "nice job" after you've helped them out, send them something back. A simple reply goes a long way trust me. No one here is too good for anyone else so give positive reinforcement, this thing is a grind so good people behind you that truly believe in you along the way never hurt anyone.


            These are some things I had to learn and things I did and still do. Starting out can be rough. It isn't always pretty and it takes time and hard work especially the way it is now but keep at it and you'll get there. Even though the community has changed a lot over the years, I still love it for what it could be again. Just treat others with respect, keep the drama at a minimum and maybe we could get back there. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it.